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why cmyfleet

We specialize in transportation of food products in liquid state. As a food grade carrier, we do
have quality control standards that include Kosher Certification.

It’s our goal to be flexible and accommodating to do the best job for your company.

About Us

Our founders Roberto Bernades and Asiul Chacaltana, husband and wife, have business-driven minds and are dedicated to their crafts. Family-owned cMyFleet came to life in early 2015 when they decided to fulfill their ambitions and begin providing excellent shipping services. 


The Port of Baltimore sees some of the world’s largest container ships as it is one of the four Eastern U.S. ports with a 50-foot container berth ( Residing just outside of Baltimore, Bernades and Chacaltana saw a promising opportunity to be able to work closely with local Baltimore-based clients.


After cMyFleet became an official trucking company, our first partnership was initiated in (year) with a Maryland-based olive oil and vinegar producer. Since then, we have grown in fleet size and hope to continue to create many more partnerships with an array of different producers.